Wireless Key Pad

•Coding digit 0-8 digits •2 Channels coding

SmartGuard Keypad – Stand Alone Key Pad for Access

For high security, keyless entry Smartguard and the wireless version Smartguard Air delivers affordable functionality and reliability for your building.   The Smartguard Air is powered by two AA  batteries which provide up to 2 years of battery life when operated … Continue reading

Merlin Wireless Keypad

Equipped with rolling code technology for remote operation in the garage or in the home. Part No (AM): CM128 Suits models: MR600/800, MT5580, MT60/600/1000. Part No (FM): M128 Suits models: M430R, M230T

KPX-6 Wireless Digital keypad TrioCode

KPX-6 Wireless Digital Key Pad. This clever weatherproof access device provides greater flexibility for accessing your home, meaning that you no longer need to take the keys when you are out walking the dog. It features the TrioCodeā„¢ coding format … Continue reading

Automatic Technology Australia ATA KPX-5 Wireless 4-Channel Digital Keypad Transmitter

KPX-5. ATA SecuraCode 4-Channel wireless digital keypad transmitter. 433Mhz